The day Victoriaville planted its flag in Costa Rica!

Founded in 2005, Industek never imagined that, more than a decade later, it would find itself exporting its products to Costa Rica, a Central American country.

We conducted an interview with the Industek management team: here’s the story of a fabulous achievement by a Victoriaville-based company that has never been afraid to push back its limits to shine on the international stage!

Industek is a manufacturer of recycling presses and compaction products for the sound management of residual materials.

Industek Victoriaville

The Victorian company focused its services on Quebec and certain Canadian provinces. But that all changed when an opportunity arose with Berthierville-based EBI.

In fact, Industek has always favored close relationships with its customers, and it is this chemistry that has enabled the creation of this important project: “Industek’s philosophy has always been to have partnership relationships with customers. Such is the case with EBI, which owns sanitary landfill sites in Costa Rica. So, when we were asked if we could supply them with integrated compactors, we didn’t hesitate for a second!”

But the task was going to be titanic! But the opportunity to raise Industek’s profile was well worth the investment of time and money.

Exporting products abroad requires logistics, especially when they are large, as in the case of integrated compactors: “The size of our compactors has made delivery a complex process. At first, we thought we’d ship our machines in parts and have them assembled at destination. In the end, we decided to redesign our equipment to reduce its volume so that it could be transported in containers.”

Il fallait aussi s’adapter au niveau électrique. Les voltages sont différents du Canada, les ingénieurs d’Industek ont dû revoir l’électricité de leur produit.

Once the compactors had been manufactured and painted in the color required by the customer, Industek transported them to the port. From there, they were shipped to Costa Rica.

Initially, 4 compactors were delivered to San José, the capital of Costa Rica, where Empreras Berthier EBI’s landfill sites are located. But the customer soon asked for 10 more: “Our machines are so easy to use that we didn’t need to train their employees to operate them.”

Looking back, we realize that the adventure turned out to be a win-win situation: “It wasn’t our plan to export our products, especially not to Central America, but we never doubted that it would work! Our employees were very proud to take part in this project, and you could feel the effervescence in our plant. You could say that Victoriaville has planted its flag in Costa Rica!

Industek is proud to have helped Costa Rica become one of the southern countries with the best recycling rate.

Today, Empresas Berthier EBI processes more than 65% of the country’s waste, enabling its residents to reduce their ecological footprint through compaction.

To borrow a slogan from an 80s soup ad: “There’s a little bit of us in there!

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