Vertical Baler IBV1010

Safe, popular, powerful, and performing year after year.

Our IBV1010 bale press offers unmatched compaction strength producing 60-inch bales. Industek’s flagship product, more than 500 units in operation to date. A proven compaction ratio of up to 1 in 15 for a substantial volume of cardboard (OCC), recycling, or plastic films. Reducing the number of daily lifts makes our press economically and ecologically friendly. Our new, high-quality equipment is guaranteed for two years of parts and labor. They are also available for rent for periods of 60 months and include full maintenance and warranty for the duration of the lease.

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Designed for the baling of your recyclable materials such as cardboard, plastic, metal, etc.

  • Reduces the amount of transported waste
  • Minimizes handling time
  • Lowers transportation costs
  • Clean, well-kept facilities promote good-neighborliness
  • Reduces fire risks
  • Decreases transport-related greenhouse gas emissions
  • Meets the expectations of your eco-friendly employees and clients
  • Enhancement of environmental awareness and responsibility improves corporate image


Technical Plan

Technical specifications

Control panel

  • Semi-automatic system. by logic relay
  • Compaction or ejection selector
  • Security on door & panel
  • Reset button on the box
  • Emergency stop button
  • Green light function
  • Red light nerd ready
  • Key selector

Hydraulic unit

  • 10 Hp 1800 rpm 600v motor
  • 9 GPM pump
  • Operating pressure: 1800 psi
  • Maximum pressure: 2100 psi
  • Suction strainer
  • 10 micron return filter
  • Level indicator with temperature


  • 3/16” frame walls with C-section structure
  • 1/4” floor with C-section structure
  • Ram in 1/4” plate with C profiles
  • Ram guidance in nylatron & UHMW plates
  • 1 industrial cylinder 6” dia.
  • Door in 1/4” plate with structure in C profiles
  • Flywheel closure system
  • Sliding closing panel with counterweight
  • Perforated opening in front

Dimensions and performance

  • Press: 81” W x 47” D x 130” H
  • Weight: 3900 lbs
  • Bale: 60” W x 30” D x 42” H
  • Approximate bundle weight: 1000 lbs of cardboard
  • Loading opening: 60” x 25”
  • Maximum force: 59400 lbf
  • Operating Force: 50900 lbf
  • Operating pressure: 28 psi
  • Cycle time: 58 sec.

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Notes: Specifications, dimensions and other details of our products may vary slightly upon delivery due to continuous progress and improvement of our products. Industek products must be installed and used in accordance with applicable safety standards, codes, regulations and procedures. Performance may vary depending on application and materials.