Mini compactor MIK6

The ideal fast-food companion for waste compaction

Discover our MIK6 mini compactor, specially designed to transform waste management in the fast-food sector radically. This compactor significantly reduces the frequency of dry and wet material collection, offering an efficient solution for this demanding field. With its remarkable installation flexibility, it can be used both indoors and outdoors.

The MIK6 is compatible with most front-loading collection trucks, making it easy to integrate into your waste management system. Its low height prevents any risk of collision or damage to collection vehicles, while its loading door, accessible at ground level, simplifies waste disposal. Designed for year-round use, its domed roof ensures effective water and snow drainage.

Available for purchase or rental, the MIK6 mini compactor comes with warranty systems. Adopting this equipment is a step towards more sustainable and ecological waste management. Our new, top-quality equipment comes with a 2-year parts and labour warranty. We also offer a 60-month rental option, including an exceptional lifetime warranty and maintenance. Join Industek in significantly reducing your environmental footprint, one compactor at a time.

  • Efficient compaction: Significantly reduces the frequency of wet and dry material collection, ideal for the fast-food sector.
  • Flexible installation: Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, thanks to bipolar installation.
  • Garbage truck compatibility: Compatible with the majority of front-loading garbage trucks, facilitating waste collection.
  • Low profile: Allows clear visibility for drivers and minimizes the risk of collision or breakage.
  • Ergonomic loading door: Allows garbage bags to be deposited at ground level, making waste disposal easier.
  • Curved roof: Ensures good drainage of water and snow, enabling efficient year-round operation.
  • Reduce collection costs: Save money by minimizing the costs associated with waste collection.
  • Minimized floor space: Compact design takes up little floor space, ideal for tight spaces.
  • Quick installation: Installs in less than 3 hours, guaranteeing rapid commissioning.
  • Safe operation: Safe operating station with gravity opening latch.
  • High compaction efficiency: Highly efficient compaction for optimized waste management.
  • Environmental protection: Minimizes flying debris, discourages scavengers, and reduces the risk of fire.
  • Low-maintenance: Low-maintenance, guaranteeing long-term, trouble-free use.
  • Purchase and rental options: Available for rental or purchase, with warranty systems included, offering financial flexibility.

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Dimension de la presse81’’ L x 47’’ P x 130’’ H
Poids3 900 lb
Force maximale59 400 lbf
Force d’opération50 900 lbf
Pression d’opération28 psi
Moteur10 Hp 1800 rpm 600 v
Pompe9 GPM
Pression opération1 800 psi
Pression maximale2 100 psi

Please note: specifications, dimensions and other details of our products may vary slightly at the time of delivery due to the continuous development and improvement of our products. Industek products must be installed and used in accordance with applicable safety standards, codes, regulations and procedures. Performance may vary depending on application and materials.