Self-contained IK1.6-30

Optimum sealing for eco-responsible waste management

Industek’s IK1.6-30 integrated compactor is your essential partner in responsible waste management, specially designed to handle dry or wet waste from food production, catering and agricultural production. With its hermetic coupling to the compaction container, the IK1.6-30 guarantees total tightness, preventing any leakage or contamination.

Installation is child’s play. Our compactor can be connected to your building via a chute or walkway, blending seamlessly into your existing infrastructure. The primary objective of the IK1.6-30 is to reduce the frequency of wet waste collection drastically. It’s a giant step towards reducing our ecological footprint and generating substantial long-term savings.

Investing in the IK1.6-30 integrated compactor means opting for a reliable, long-lasting solution. Our new equipment comes with a 2-year parts and labor warranty, demonstrating our commitment to quality. Moreover, we offer flexible 60-month leasing options, including lifetime warranty and maintenance, for total peace of mind.

At Industek, we innovate in waste management, one compactor at a time. Choose the IK1.6-30 integrated compactor for efficiency, watertightness and environmental commitment.

  • Totally airtight: The hermetically sealed coupling with the compaction container ensures an airtight seal, preventing any leakage or contamination.
  • Versatility: Designed to receive dry or wet waste from various fields such as food, catering, and agricultural production.
  • Flexible installation: The compactor can be linked to your building via a chute or walkway, enabling easy integration into your existing infrastructure.
  • Reduced collections: Significant reduction in wet material collections frequency contributes to large-scale savings.
  • Ecological commitment: By reducing the frequency of collections, the compactor helps reduce your organization’s ecological footprint.
  • Quality guarantee: With a 2-year parts and labor warranty, the IK1.6-30 is a sound investment in efficient waste management.
  • Flexible leasing options include 60-month leasing availability with warranty and maintenance, offering financial flexibility.
  • Space optimization: The compactor’s design enables optimum use of available space, contributing to better organization of your waste management operations.

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Dimension de la presse81’’ L x 47’’ P x 130’’ H
Poids3 900 lb
Force maximale59 400 lbf
Force d’opération50 900 lbf
Pression d’opération28 psi
Moteur10 Hp 1800 rpm 600 v
Pompe9 GPM
Pression opération1 800 psi
Pression maximale2 100 psi

Please note: specifications, dimensions and other details of our products may vary slightly at the time of delivery due to the continuous development and improvement of our products. Industek products must be installed and used in accordance with applicable safety standards, codes, regulations and procedures. Performance may vary depending on application and materials.