Stationary X-type compactor FX2.0

Perfect fusion of power and eco-responsible waste management

Industek’s FX2.0 X-type compactor is your trusted ally for efficient, aesthetically pleasing waste management. Designed to minimize the volume of your waste and reduce collection frequency, it attaches easily to the location of your choice, offering effortless integration with your building.

Only its compaction compartment moves when emptying, simplifying your waste management routine while maintaining a clean environment. With its unrivalled compaction force, the FX2.0 X-type compactor promises impressive performance with every cycle, guaranteeing a significant reduction in operating costs.

Aesthetics are not left out. Its elegant design blends perfectly with your building, adding a touch of modernity while fulfilling an essential function. It’s a winning combination of form and function, offering a waste management solution that blends into your space.

Our equipment, renowned for its superior quality, comes with a 2-year parts and labour warranty, demonstrating our commitment to excellence. With flexible 60-month leasing options, including lifetime warranty and maintenance, we offer a tailor-made solution to meet all your needs.

At Industek, we transcend waste management, one compactor at a time. Choose the FX2.0 X-type compactor and transform your waste management into a simplified, robust, aesthetically pleasing experience.

  • Reduced collection: Reduces the frequency of waste collection, saving time and resources.
  • Waste volume reduction: Efficiently compacts waste, reducing its volume and contributing to more environmentally friendly management.
  • Flexible installation: Fixes easily to any location, offering hassle-free installation to suit your needs.
  • Simplified waste management: Waste management is greatly simplified with only the compaction compartment moving during emptying.
  • Impressive performance: Offers unrivalled compaction force for optimum performance every time.
  • Modern aesthetics: Blends in perfectly with your building, adding a touch of aesthetics while remaining functional.
  • Quality Guarantee: Our high-quality equipment comes with 2-year parts and labour warranty, demonstrating our commitment to excellence.
  • Flexible leasing options: Available on 60-month leases with warranty and maintenance included, offering financial flexibility.
  • Ecological commitment: Designed to reduce the ecological footprint by minimizing collection frequency and waste volume.
  • Adaptability: Each of our compactors is adapted to fit your building perfectly, maximizing performance with minimum effort.

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Dimension de la presse81’’ L x 47’’ P x 130’’ H
Poids3 900 lb
Force maximale59 400 lbf
Force d’opération50 900 lbf
Pression d’opération28 psi
Moteur10 Hp 1800 rpm 600 v
Pompe9 GPM
Pression opération1 800 psi
Pression maximale2 100 psi

Please note: specifications, dimensions and other details of our products may vary slightly at the time of delivery due to the continuous development and improvement of our products. Industek products must be installed and used in accordance with applicable safety standards, codes, regulations and procedures. Performance may vary depending on application and materials.