Vertical baler IBV1020XHE

Vertical baler IBV1020XHE

A performance block!

Our IBV1020X baler squeezes into tight spaces and minimum heights. It can fit into most standard 96-inch door openings. It offers surprising compaction force with its two 4-inch industrial cylinders and its high efficiency (HE) engine.

It is found in grocery stores, schools, hospitals, hotels, and industries. Wherever a large volume of cardboard (OCC), recycling or plastic film is recycled. The bundles are fastened manually and quickly with pre-cut pins. Our new equipment is guaranteed for two years, parts and labor.

Description Specifications
Width 82''
Length 48.5''
Hauteur 89''
Weight 3750 lb
Motor 5 hp 600 Volts three phase
Cylinders 2 of 4''
Cycle time 36 s
Loading opening 60'' x 22''
Bale size 60''L x 36''P x 34''H
Approx. weight of the bale 1000 lbs of cardboard

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Notes: The specifications, dimensions and other details of our products may vary slightly upon delivery due to the continuous progress and improvement of our products. Industek products must be installed and used by applicable standards, codes, regulations, and safety procedures. Performance may vary depending on the application and the materials.

Manufacturing, rental and maintenance of compactors for residual materials, bale presses for recycling and various custom containers.


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