Self-dumping containers

Self-dumping containers

Self-dumping steel bins or hoppers are designed for industrial, commercial, and institutional uses. They are particularly useful for factory cleaning, handling, sorting and storing materials, scrap metal collection, recycling materials, and other bulk materials.

They are designed to tilt forward when full to empty the contents and automatically return to the original position. They lock automatically for reloading. They can be installed on casters for greater mobility. Continuous welding helps prevent leaks.

Description Specifications
Width 31 "to 107"
Depth 50 "to 67"
Height 25 "to 55"
Weight 365 lb to 1680 lb
Volume 0.25 vc - 5.00 vc

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Notes: The specifications, dimensions and other details of our products may vary slightly upon delivery due to the continuous progress and improvement of our products. Industek products must be installed and used by applicable standards, codes, regulations, and safety procedures. Performance may vary depending on the application and the materials.

Manufacturing, rental and maintenance of compactors for residual materials, bale presses for recycling and various custom containers.


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