Mini compactor: an essential tool in the public sector for eco-responsible management

Industek, a 100% Quebec company, specializes in the design and manufacture of compaction equipment to reduce its ecological footprint.

Eco-responsibility is a trendy topic: an eco-responsible company or institution is defined by behavior that respects the environment, so as to reduce its ecological footprint.

Our governments must join this trend and set an example not only for private companies, but also for their citizens.

It’s well known that waste management is a social issue. Our public institutions have a mandate to reduce their environmental impact, and to find quick and effective solutions to do so.

Waste compaction is one such solution! It can be applied to all government institutions, including hospitals, schools, prisons and nursing homes. All these sectors have a high volume of waste.

Chez Industek, nous sommes fiers de vous offrir des produits de compaction fabriqués et conçus entièrement à Victoriaville, au Québec.

Thanks to our mini compactors, you can reduce your waste by 4 to 6 to 1.

The advantages are many and undeniable:

  • Compaction optimizes landfill space and reduces negative environmental impacts.
  • The substantial reduction in collections also limits greenhouse gas emissions and cuts operating costs.
  • The mini compactors are hermetically sealed, which means improved hygiene, elimination of vermin and therefore environmentally-friendly management.
  • They are compatible with all front-loading garbage trucks in North America.

Le mini compacteur est donc un allié essentiel pour le secteur public. En plus d’être un bel exemple de développement durable, il permet un retour sur l’investissement en moins de 4 ans. Il permet également une économie de temps, d’espace et d’argent! L’essayer c’est l’adopter!

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