Industek stands out in several major fast-food chains

Industek is a Victoriaville-based company specializing in the design and manufacture of equipment that considerably reduces the ecological footprint.

One of its most popular products is the integrated mini compactor. Industek is the only Canadian manufacturer of this value-added tool.

Mini compactors were created to reduce the frequency of dry and wet material collection, especially for the fast-food sector.

They are compatible with most front-loading refuse trucks. Their low profile gives the driver a clear view around the unit, considerably reducing the risk of accidents.

What’s more, its loading door allows garbage bags to be dropped just 36 inches from the ground, and its watertightness is much appreciated by users.

More than twenty fast-food franchises are already using this equipment. These restaurant owners have gone from 6 to 7 waste container lifts to just one a week!

The all-in-one mini compactor therefore replaces waste containers, while being more compact, which translates into substantial space savings. It’s airtight and keeps rodents and other animals away!

Indoor or outdoor installation in less than 3 hours is advantageous. Outside, the domed roof facilitates water and snow drainage.

Adopter un mini compacteur, c’est révolutionner sa gestion résiduelle tout en étant éco-responsable. Contactez-nous pour obtenir plus d’information!

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