How to reduce waste, cut transport costs, and be eco-responsible?

Waste management and recovery is a social issue. For all companies, it’s imperative to reduce their environmental footprint. But how? Through compaction!

An economical solution offered by Industek, a 100% Quebec company!

From left to right, Fred Chabanne, Louis Roy, Peter Sandsky, Fred Albert

Industek is a Victoriaville-based company specializing in designing and manufacturing equipment that considerably reduces our ecological footprint.

The goal? To reduce the space taken up by residual materials, thereby limiting the frequency of collections and reducing your transportation costs and handling time: “Our equipment allows a compaction ratio of four to six to one. This facilitates densification. It’s now possible to pick up compacted material only once a week, rather than daily,” explains Peter Sandke, Industek’s Managing Director.

Industek specializes in manufacturing vertical presses, stationary compactors, mini-compactors, and integrated compactors for large companies.

“We have an important role in protecting the environment for future generations,” adds Sandke.

Follow in the footsteps of IGA, CHU Sainte-Justine, Le Centre Vidéotron, Canac, and our other partners and become an eco-responsible company! Our engineering department offers customized solutions to meet all your needs. Contact us for a quick estimate!

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