Equipment rental

When it comes to baler or compactor rental, Industek subsidiary SOGESTEK does everything in its power to provide you with the right plan, the right equipment at the right time, perfectly installed on your premises.

Our certified equipment is installed directly on your premises, guaranteeing optimum simplicity. Maintenance is fully taken care of, eliminating unexpected repair costs. We offer a fast and efficient financing approval process, usually within 48 hours.

Financing protects your working capital: your monthly rental payments are considerably lower than the total cost of the equipment, and your line of credit remains intact. This approach also preserves your ability to borrow from financial institutions for other specific projects.

Monthly rents are tax-deductible, optimizing your tax situation. We offer the flexibility to repay your financing faster without penalty, thanks to the possibility of principal repayments.

With us, you won’t have any surprises or unexpected maintenance expenses. You remain free to choose your equipment, without being tied to a specific supplier. Finally, we offer leasing or financing options for new or reconditioned equipment, to suit a variety of needs and budgets.


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