Commitment to sustainable development

Industek is certified Démarche d², which means we are committed to sustainable development.

We are committed to economically prosperous business practices that care for the environment and the well-being of the community.

Supported by the Corporation du développement durable, the Démarche d² has enabled us to :

  • Carry out a strategic diagnosis of sustainable development;
  • Draw up a personalized sustainable development action plan;
  • Ensure annual monitoring of the sustainable development approach with a view to continuous improvement.

Here are a few concrete actions we have taken as part of this process:

  • We created the “Lève la main” (Raise your hand) program to encourage ongoing employee training by offering them access to a range of training courses to develop their skills;
  • We develop lasting business relationships with suppliers in Quebec and North America to ensure the supply of our products; for example, more than 80% of our suppliers are located in Quebec.
  • We optimize equipment and use the principle of eco-design in transporting products for delivery;
    We have created a relocation bonus to promote employment and the successful integration of new workers;
    We have installed a charging station to enable our employees to recharge their electric vehicles.
  • We have developed a diversity and inclusion policy to foster links between employees and create activities;
In 2022, we have renewed our commitment to take our actions even further. Over the next three years, we are committed to :
  • Strengthen the occupational health and safety prevention culture by creating a committee to share concerns and areas for improvement;
  • Integrate sustainable development into strategic planning;
  • Carry out a GHG emissions assessment and draw up a GHG reduction action plan;

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