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At Industek, we are proud to offer you, since 2005, superior quality compaction products manufactured and designed entirely in Victoriaville, Quebec. With our great expertise, we facilitate the management of residual and recyclable materials in the most significant industrial sectors. Collaborating with our team means making a very economical and ecological choice while promoting sustainable development.

Featured products


Vertical Baler IBV1010

Our vertical balers have unbeatable compaction power. This results in bales of recyclables with a span of 60 inches. As Industek's flagship product for many years, there are now over 500 units operating across North America.


Self Contained Compactor IK 1.6-30

Bearing its name well, the integrated compactor derives from the fact that it is a hermetically coupled compactor with the compaction vessel, thus ensuring complete sealing. It is specially designed for handling dry or wet waste from food production, catering, agricultural production, etc.

FK2.0 stationary compactor

Designed to reduce the number of waste collections while reducing the volume of your waste, our stationary vertical compactor is easily fixed to your desired location. During emptying, only its compaction compartment travels to facilitate your waste management.

Mini Compactor MIK6

Our integrated mini compactor was created with the goal of significantly reducing the frequency of collection of dry and wet materials, especially for catering and similar businesses. It can be installed both indoors and outdoors. The MIK6 is compatible with the vast majority of front-loading garbage trucks.


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How Industek Products Make a Difference

At Industek, we have an eco-friendly compactor that perfectly meets your dry and wet compacting needs. Get on the Industek train; it’s easier to grow your business with an environmental mindset.


Balers, compactors and containers

A product for each of your needs.

We are here to help you figure out the right solution for your needs. Whether it’s a small business or a multinational, Industek has the products you need for environmentally friendly compaction. We will ensure that everything you do is done right!

Waste compactors

Compact to save

We are passionate about designing and manufacturing various compactors for your dry and wet waste. In addition to being an eco-friendly alternative to waste management, our compaction products have an impressive lifetime, one of the lowest maintenance costs, and much higher reliability. Our new and high-quality equipment is guaranteed for 2 years of parts and labor. They are also available for rent for 60 months, including an exceptional lifetime warranty and maintenance. At Industek, we minimize the environmental footprint, compactor by compactor.

Recycling balers

Eco-responsible recycling

Available in a dozen different models, our vertical presses for recyclable materials offer exemplary safety and workmanship. Amongst our range of products, you will certainly find the vertical press that will cohabit in your space while respecting your budget and satisfying your recycling needs. They ensure that waste is managed efficiently and ecologically for many years to come. Our new and high-quality equipment is guaranteed for 2 years parts and labor. They are also available for rental for periods of 60 months, including a lifetime warranty and maintenance. At Industek, we are reducing the environmental footprint, one press at a time.

Environmental containers

Industek containers are made of heavy steel and offer continuous use thanks to their resistance to harsh weather conditions. Our variety of containers favours a sustainable and environmental alternative to industrial waste management. Whether for recyclable materials or waste of all types, Industek ensures an unrivalled quality of containers. Choosing our environmental containers is a wise choice and an essential one for our planet.